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Welcome to Kickfannie, an exciting new idea brought to you by a couple of great gals, who grew up in Texas. We learned to dream big, chase down and achieve goals, and sometimes that it just takes a little grit to kick into high gear to get things done! We were born entrepreneurs.

On our own, we left Texas, and the United States, exploring the world, learning with every new experience. Upon returning home, we set about building our careers – one in banking and the other in financial services. No big surprise to either of us, we collided in Washington, DC, while taking an Executive Development module at Georgetown University. We are always learning. Our careers also aligned, as did our strong ideas about helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. We are focused on all the men and women; who put every ounce of their beings into their businesses, hearts and souls. Sometimes, they succeed, and sometimes they don’t. Our amazing Kickfannie Team; the glue, Allan, Duane, Terry and Mark, and our many phenomenal contributors and partners have created a web source where you, the Entrepreneur, can learn to avoid the pitfalls and train wrecks that end so many dreams.

Kickfannie is here for you…to help your ideas flow. From an initial idea development to launch, and the exhilarating roller coaster ride that is your day to day business--to building an exit strategy, turn to Kickfannie. Join us each week for Kickfannie Spotlight Interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals. Enjoy informative take away articles written by our Kickfannie Feature and Guest Contributors. Our web source is designed to help you grow viable business models, with healthy corporate cultures that solidify the bottom line, create jobs, and give back to community. With InTheKnow, Kickfannie will keep you up to date with business news, the events page, live forums, webinars, and streaming. Kickfannie provides information and resources on finance, operations, sales and marketing, that you can put to use each business day.

We always want you to keep an eye on your bottom-line…so your Kickfannie account is FREE. Be inspired, learn, grow, and build strong networks for success.

Kickfannie is our baby, thanks for taking the ride with us. Here we go…

Deb, and Syd

Kickfannie Co-Founders