As business owners and entrepreneurs we experience the challenges; which come from change within our organizations, often overflowing into our personal lives, and significantly effecting how we live our overall lives. How we cope with change is ever evolving. Now more than ever, the pace of change is faster and requires leaders, especially business leaders, to think differently, plan differently and respond differently than in the past. Change not only moves faster, it creates an environment, in both the marketplace and in organizations, that is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

KickFannie, the cutting edge, web-based one-stop business development portal and iLead Strategies, an organizational development and change management firm, are partnering to launch the Understanding Change Leadership Study. The study aims to understand the impact of the faster pace of change on how leaders lead at work and how they live their lives. The descriptive study includes both an online survey of leaders and a series of interviews with survey respondents. The goal is to understand best practices for leading and what resources are needed to help leaders build the knowledge and skills to replicate those practices to build successful workplaces and achieve outstanding results. We’d love for you to be a part of it, take the survey now.

To learn more about iLead Strategies and Julie Jakopic visit www.ileadstrategies.com.

A special thank you to Akia Garnett, MBA, CEO for Brandbuilder for her help announcing the study, and allowing us to post a link for the survey on both www.akiagarnett.com and www.masteryourbrand.com.