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by Emily Katz

Details, Details, Details

3 Simple Details to Mastering the First Impression

Executives share with me regularly; how important it is in hiring to see people who take care of themselves on a personal level, because it usually translates that they take care of details at their job.

Take care of your world. When you show you are in charge of yourself, it demonstrates you are or can be in charge if others.

DRESS - Some folks need a briefing on what is appropriate dress and appearance for domestic or international business. A few tips to remember - dress to your audience, a little research into corporate culture and dress before a meeting will put you ahead of the game. A rule of thumb is to dress equal to, or slightly better than those who you are meeting. Clean, wrinkle free, lint free clothing…you don’t want to be remembered for all the tiny lint balls on your sweater, dress or jacket! Leave Fido at home, if you are a pet owner carrying a lint brush for a last minute sweep helps keep pet hair off clothing and out of your meeting. Men and women, check for hanging hems, and stray threads before dressing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking overly worn shoes aren’t noticed negatively.

POSTURE - Are you standing up straight? Shoulders back? Tummy in. Do it. This projects a more confident appearance, and often leads to a greater feeling of well being for you.

HANDSHAKE - Yet, even more basic is the handshake. How can so many people mess up such a seemingly small important gesture? Some of you may already have this mastered. And many, many people - both men and women do not yet...your handshake needs to convey trust, confidence, calm steady strength. You know that done with a when you first meet someone, this gesture conveys volumes.

Your handshake should be firm enough to convey strength of conviction, but not crushing. People feel they can trust someone whose physical connection is solid, not overbearing, nor limp. The 'wet fish' or limp fish shake is one of the big offenders. Even for a delicate woman, using a handshake that conveys 'can do' is essential, although we've all come across men who need to revisit how they connect with this essential business connection.

If you have sweaty palms try the products by DermaDoctor or MEDeTATE wipes. These antiperspirant wipes help mitigate sweat (great for face too,) and come in little easy to carry packets. I'm not endorsed by this-just a great product that I've found works from years of doing Film and TV makeup/styling work.

Practice the shake with friends until everyone concurs you 'have it' down.

Mastering these three simple image basics will guarantee that you walk into every meeting with confidence. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!


About the Contributor

Emily focuses on personal, private and corporate consulting for image up scaling, monetizing executive level “looks” for success. Makeup and image guidance for on stage, presentation, on camera and HD are also areas of Emily’s professional consulting.

She has been the Makeup Department Head at numerous TV shows and films including Lost and Nine Lives of Chloe King. Also, Emily was the Special F/X Makeup for the hit TV series 24. Emily is a licensed medical level esthetician, and was the Makeup Department Supervisor for “Anger Management.”

Recognized as an Elle Beauty Genius, the prestigious international award given to those who’ve deeply impacted the global beauty/fashion world, Emily was cited for her innovative work on the iconic TV show “LOST”. Emily is truly passionate about serving women and men, guiding them in aligning their inner and outer expression and stepping into the power of looking their most dynamic. See additional information on Emily Katz at